Environmental Responsibility is Part of Our Mission

Prairie State takes environmental responsibility very seriously. As such, we are extremely progressive when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, our natural resources and the communities we serve.

We have taken measures including utilizing the latest technology and underground monitoring equipment at our gas stations to detect leaks and provide warnings when a problem is detected.  We continue to work with several regional environmental firms on our own behalf and have assisted many of our customers navigate the complexities of the remediation process, and working with governing bodies, as well.

PSE was also among the first companies to introduce LED lighting at stations in our region nearly ten years ago – which significantly reduces the amount of energy utilized for lighting.  When coupled with a power management system designed to reduce the draw occurring during peak periods, the results can be very significant.  Our commitment to LED continued when undertaking our recent store remodel at our PS Fuels & Market location in South Elgin, Illinois (see corporate stores), we are pleased to proclaim that each and every light fixture in the entire facility has been completely converted to LED.

In addition, we use reclaimed water at our car washes – and also utilize biodegradable car wash chemicals and biodegradable cleaning chemicals at all of our locations.

At Prairie State, we are truly committed to protecting the environment
– and we are always looking for new and better ways to embrace environmental responsibility.