PSE’s Leadership team has dozens of years’ experience specifically in our industry. Our management team has served as consultants to Oil Companies, Industry Associations, Dealers, Bay Operations, Car Washes and Buying Clubs. Below is a partial list of Operational Services we have provided to our customers:

  • Benchmarking of dealer sites against the industry (NACS) to identify expense reductions and develop profit margin opportunities.
  • Store Point of Sale (POS) system and back-office software consultation to identify best platform for individual dealer.
  • Theft prevention coaching including security system consultation and camera placement.
  • Car wash consulting including supplier identification, wash package development, equipment analysis, pricing, etc.
  • Strategic Partnerships with key suppliers to reduce expenses for goods or services
  • Area competitor strength and weakness assessments to develop new marketing plan or profit opportunities
  • Website development
  • Merchandising assistance and product placement


There are many other projects undertaken by Prairie State Energy on behalf of our customers, all at no cost to our customers.  Is there something you’ve been considering?  Please contact us to find out how Prairie State Energy can work with you!