At Prairie State, we understand the challenges our customers encounter every day.  Like you, we run our own stores and fight to stay competitive against chains that seem to be adding a new store every month.  We think that as a business owner, you need more than just a company to take your order for a fuel load – you should be more than just a number.  We get to know you, we’ve got your back.  We’ll come out and meet you quarterly (more or less if you like) and share our insight and business practices to help make sure that you not only survive – but also grow and thrive.

We also recognize that while healthy fuel margins are wonderful, they are not terribly reliable.  A successful strategy must include focusing on non-fuel profit centers to survive during lean times.  By combining your knowledge of the community you serve with our combined knowledge of working within the broader marketplace we want to reduce your reliance on fuel margins.  We plan to do this by leveraging the tools, technology and techniques we’ve developed along with our strategic partnerships to optimize your profitability.