Wholesale Fuels

Fueled by Quality and Service

Prairie State Energy is a wholesale fuel supplier that delivers competitively priced fuel and a whole lot more. We are proven experts in the logistics of business – offering a team of professionals who are very effective in getting the best possible price for our customers. In addition, we offer complimentary analysis to determine your fuel cost vs. wholesale rack price – and we also utilize the latest fuel management software to help customers efficiently control fuel inventory and deliveries. Prairie State monitors the spot fuel market numerous times daily looking to see the patterns on how the market is trending. This process assists customers in purchasing product before an increase or after a decrease. Prairie State has developed a price watch system for its customers. As prices change daily, this helps our customers purchase fuel at the best daily price.

One of the many benefits of working with Prairie State is that the customers deal directly with the owners of the company. Unlike the bigger fuel suppliers, customers can reach either of the operating partners 24/7 at the office number, text, or by calling their cell phones. Dealing directly with the owners results in quick decisions, gaining the value of their expertise in operating their stores, and direct assistance in financing, cash flow management, environmental compliance issues, and any other information needed by customers. This philosophy creates a true business to business relationship with customers. Prairie State is a big enough supplier to offer major fuel brands to customers and excellent pricing and service ensuring customers of the best service available treating them as a business partner rather than just a number when dealing with large competitive suppliers Somewhere here we need to mention that customers deal with the owners of the company not sales reps, sales managers, etc. Also need to mention that we are big enough to offer many brands and excellent pricing and service but not so big that you are just a number in competitors system.

What truly sets Prairie State apart from our competition is that we are also retail experts who can help customers identify profit opportunities, reduce expenses and increase revenues. You can learn more about all of our retail services here.

When it comes to fuel, Prairie State Energy is a premier provider serving nearly 50 stations throughout northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. We distribute a variety of major brands including Marathon, ExxonMobil, CITGO, Clark, unbranded fuel and our own brand – PS Fuels. You can learn more about each of the brands we represent here.

At Prairie State we stand behind the quality of our petroleum products – and just as importantly – the quality of our service. We provide a level of customer service that is simply unmatched. Our team of professionals takes pride in providing customers with vital information, resources and proven expertise that will benefit their businesses in many ways. In addition, we are committed to being leaders when it comes to environmental concerns in our industry.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our retailer services – and let Prairie State become